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Why You Need A Prosthodontist

Don’t let the word “Prosthodontist” scare you. Yes, it’s confusing! But if you need a dentist who is capable of giving you a gorgeous new smile, someone who can work with dental implants, porcelain veneers and other advanced dental reconstruction techniques, this is the professional whom you need. But you may not be quite sure how to find the right person.

Did You Know That Only 2% of ALL DENTISTS Become Prosthodontists?

That training concentrates on:
Prosthodontist Qualifications:

Let’s begin with what qualifications a Prosthodontist has to attain. It requires three years full-time of additional training after the four-year dental program.

Prosthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that provides you with the best that dentistry can offer. Other dental specialists and family dentists will confer with a prosthodntist prior to treating a patient needing extensive treatment. If a proper diagnosis is not made, then an improper treatment may be carried out. A prosthodontist will provide expert diagnosis and “quarterback“ the dental team.

Dr. Jovic | Prosthodontic Specialist in the Fields of Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Vladimir Jovic, DMD joined ICP Dental in 2012. He completed his advanced training at the University of Southern California. He received the award for Excellence in Prosthodontics from Waterpik™. Dr. Jovic has practiced in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oregon and Los Angeles. His background allows him to provide a diversified and unique treatment to his patients in the state of Florida. He is Board Eligible in Prosthodontics and does beautiful work in dental reconstruction and Cosmetic Dentistry, and is trained in implant surgery. He has documented his many smile makeovers for his patients and uses them to train his fellow dentists.

Dr. Jovic wants to be your dentist. He wants to help you achieve the appearance and comfort to thrive in today’s world. He wants to give you a beautiful, comfortable smile that helps you achieve your lifetime goals.

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