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All-on-4 is a prosthetic and surgical medical procedure that is trademarked. This treatment concept was developed by Dr. Paulo Malo. It involves the rehabilitation of the mandible and the edentulous maxilla with fixed prosthesis by four implants being placed in the anterior maxilla. Up to six implants can be placed if deemed necessary for long term stability. The density of bone is higher in this area. Therefore, a higher success rate can be achieved. A fixed prosthesis is supported by at least four implants (up to six implants). This prosthesis contains 12 to 14 teeth and it is put into position on the same day the surgery is performed.

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Description of the procedure

The All-on-4 procedure provides a same-day, screw-retained and permanent replacement for a person’s complete lower and/or upper set of teeth. This procedure is ideal for patients who are suffering from a major amount of tooth decay or loss. It is also designed for patients who are not able to get dental implants because their jaw area has bone loss. Loss of teeth frequently occurs along with jaw bone loss. This creates the problem of having to reconstruct the jaw bone. If the implantation is going to be successful, bone from different parts of the body will need to be transplanted. It takes between three and six months for the technique of transplanting bone graft to be complete. Once this is finished, the implants can finally be placed. After placement of the implants has been finished, there is another two to three month waiting period. After this, the fixed prosthesis can be placed. Twelve months is the expected rehab time after the procedure.

Diabetes and other health problems often prevent certain patients from having bone transplanted. In 20 percent of patients, using the transplantation of bone as a means of rehabbing their teeth is not possible because of various health problems.

Because the All-on-4 procedure consists of a denture that is completely customized and only based on four implants made of titanium, it is able to address these various drawbacks. The prosthetic teeth are supported implants that have the same purpose as pillars to the bridge. The process avoids the need for bone grafts by making the most of existing bone.

To prevent compromising the nerve canal in the jaw and the sinus cavity that is located in the upper jaw, the posterior implants are given a 45 degree angle.

All-on-4 gets its name from the specific nature of the procedure. A dental prosthesis with a minimum of twelve teeth is applied and positioned in the jaw on four implants made of titanium.

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Benefits of the All-on-4 Implant Procedure

The immediate and long-lasting benefits that patients can expect after undergoing the All-on-4 procedure are as follows:

  • The ability to easily care for their teeth: All a patient needs to do is floss and brush their teeth on a regular basis. Just take care of them like they would natural teeth.
  • A long-lasting smile you can be proud of: The All-on-4 procedure creates a set of teeth that is permanent with a non-removable, fixed retained bridge that is implant supported. It is not necessary to ever remove them. The teeth will be able to last for a lifetime.
  • The patient’s appearance will be improved: The jawbone is preserved by the All-on-4 procedure. This helps to prevent facial structure deterioration that is commonly associated with teeth that are missing and their supporting root system. Thanks to dental implants, the wrinkles around the lips and caved in face that are caused by the deterioration are almost completely removed. The patient will have a more youthful appearance after the procedure.
  • The elimination of health problems that are directly related to bad teeth: The All-on-4 procedure will give the patient a healthier body and mouth by reducing the possibility of periodontal disease. This is an inflammatory disease and an infection that is induced by bacteria. It has been directly linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, heart attacks and other various chronic diseases. As a result of the patient’s mouth being restored to the way it was originally, it is possible that periodontal disease can be fought off with the help of dental implants.
  • The ability to eat whatever foods the patient wants: The patient will never again have to think twice before eating a certain food out of fear that they might damage their removable dentures. The All-on-4 procedure gives the patient the ability to enjoy food like they did when he or she had all of their original teeth.
  • Immediate results: An enormous improvement in the patient’s overall comfort, teeth stability and ability to chew will be experienced right away.

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Removable Dental Implant Overdentures

The All-on-4 procedure has often been compared to removable dental implant overdentures. This is a traditional removable denture that is not supported by dental implants and sits directly on the gums. The reason for this is that it sits over the dental implants. The denture receives stability and support from the dental implants.

When a patient does not have any teeth at all remaining in their jaw, it is recommended that they get a dental implant supported denture. In order to properly support the dental implants, there needs to be an adequate amount of bone in the patient’s jaw. The denture will remain in its place by the use of special attachments that will enable the denture to be positioned over the dental implants by snapping into place.

Fabrication for the lower jaw is usually done for implant supported dentures that can be removed. The reason for this is that standard dentures are usually not as stable on the lower arch because of the musculature and tongue being there. Normally, a standard denture designed for placement in an upper jaw has more stability on its own and does not need any additional implant support. A person can choose a dental implant supported denture for either their lower or upper jaw.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Overdentures

One of the advantages of an overdenture is that it is able to preserve the patient’s alveolar ridge. It can also provide necessary support and stress distribution that your mouth needs. However, there are also significant disadvantages. Periodontal disease, cavities and overall poor oral hygiene are common for people who use overdentures. Soft tissue undercuts are also common. Finally, these dentures frequently break because of the fact that they are thin and are constantly placed under a great deal of stress.

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