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Dental bridges consist of a synthetic gum and artificial teeth designed to bridge the gap created by the missing teeth. The ends of the bridge commonly feature metal supports that anchor the appliance to natural, crowned or implanted teeth on either side of the gap. The teeth might be constructed of porcelain, gold, metal alloys or a combination of materials. There are three main types of bridges:

* Traditional-The most common type of appliance, the bridge consists of basic construction and typically anchors to a natural tooth or crown on either side of the gap.

* Cantilever-This type of bridge remains preferable when only one tooth borders the gap.

* Maryland bonded-Sometimes referred to as a resin-bonded bridge, the appliance consists of metal framework covered by plastic gums and teeth. The bridge remains in place by bonding metal wings, located on either end of the appliance, to existing teeth.

During the appointment for acquiring a permanent dental bridge, the practitioner numbs the area and prepares the teeth on each end of the gap to accommodate the appliance. The dentist must then make an impression, which provides a three-dimensional image of the existing teeth and the gap. From these measurements, a dental laboratory creates the bridge. Patients typically receive a temporary bridge until the permanent bridge is completed. A follow-up appointment involves the practitioner fitting the bridge and making the necessary adjustments before cementing the device into place.

Dental Bridge Process

* Improves smile and self-esteem

* Helps retain exterior facial appearance

* Prevents remaining teeth from shifting out of place

* Evenly distributes bite force and improves chewing ability

* Looks natural if the teeth are made of porcelain or similarly colored materials

Implant Bridge

Spacing Treatment

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