Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

If you’re a parent, then one of your first responsibilities is to make sure that your children get proper dental care. That means you need to teach them how to brush and floss their teeth. It also means you need to schedule regular visits to their dentist. At our Boynton Beach clinic, your children can get regular professional teeth cleaning and we also offer sealants to help protect their teeth.

A sealant is a plastic coating that we apply to the teeth. We usually put sealants on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. These teeth have grooves or fissures where tiny food bits and bacteria can get in and cause tooth decay. These grooves can be very deep, and they can be so narrow you can’t even get a single bristle of your toothbrush inside. They’re so difficult to clean, and that is what makes these spaces so dangerous. So while the sealant is usually applied to the back teeth, it may be applied to any tooth which has these deep grooves as well.

When the sealant is applied, it covers the grooves so that the bacteria can’t get in. In a way, it also functions as an additional layer of protection for the teeth. Here at ICP Dental Group, you can choose from either clear or white sealants. Applying it is a painless procedure, and it only takes a minute for each tooth.

Who Needs Sealants?

Usually, we can put in the first sealant when the first permanent back tooth comes out and the chewing surface has passed through the gum completely. These teeth may come out when your children are 11 to 13 years old. Every time a back tooth comes out, we can put a sealant on it right away to provide added protection.

In some cases, baby teeth at the back may also need this protection. We also recommend sealants to our adult patients. Sometimes the original sealant may need a new one, or we can also put them on teeth that have grooves and which do not yet have any fillings.

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Call us at (561) 734-0505 and we will make sure your kids get the sealants they need. If you’re the one who requires sealants, we can help with that too. At ICP Dental Group, we always do our best to keep our patients’ teeth healthy and strong. Schedule an appointment with us so we can assess yours.

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