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Tooth Extractions | Wisdom Teeth Extraction

For a lot of people, the only time they see a dentist is when they need a tooth extraction. But what many don’t realize is that this procedure is actually considered a last option by dentists. At ICP Dental Group in Boynton Beach, our goal is to preserve our patient’s natural teeth for as long as possible. But the problem is that there are situations in which an extraction is just the most appropriate solution.

Possible Reasons for Tooth Extraction

There are several possible reasons why extraction is the best option instead of a filling or a crown:

  • Your tooth may already have too much damage, to the point that it is no longer repairable.
  • You have a very loose tooth. In such cases, even bone replacement surgery won’t help. You have baby teeth that won’t come out soon enough to let your permanent teeth grow.
  • You have some extra teeth, which block your other teeth.
  • If you’re getting braces, it is possible that your dentist will recommend the extraction of some teeth for proper alignment.
  • You have an infected tooth. If you have untreated cavities, then bacteria may have set in causing infection. Other causes of tooth infection include the use of cancer drugs and getting an organ transplant, as these procedures involve taking drugs that suppress or weaken the immune system.
  • You have infected wisdom teeth. Also called third molars, these teeth require extraction particularly when there is an infection, or if the teeth is decaying or causing you pain. Impacted wisdom teeth (stuck in the jaw) can cause pain and swelling as well as gum irritation.

After the procedure, we’ll give you very detailed descriptions on what to expect and what you should do when you get home. Even simple extractions may lead to some mild discomfort afterwards. However the discomfort and pain may be greater for surgical extractions. In any case, getting your tooth extracted may be the only way to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

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