Tired of Dentures

We can get you a beautiful smile by selecting a whole new set of teeth with complete control on shape, color and position. Of course when all the bad or failing teeth are removed, a healthy mouth is the result.

Dental implants are by far the ultimate solution to missing or failing teeth …And they feel just like your own

A denture is the most basic of treatment options that accomplishes 2 things: a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

These are definitely 2 major accomplishments, but the one thing that was not achieved was the ability to function, eat, or chew properly or even attempt to do all these without your dentures falling out.

To resolve these issues prosthodontists provide the revolutionary technique of dental implants, which have become the standard of care for replacement of teeth.

Chewing efficiency with dental implants can increase from 10x to up to 300x, depending on the dental solution you decide.

Implants provide options and results:

  • Laugh and Smile with Confidence
  • Eat Anything
  • Get Rid of Denture “Glue”
  • Eliminate Uncomfortable Chewing
  • Affordable Implant Options
  • Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life

More Information on Specific Dental Implants


Traditional Denture without use of dental implants. This option is completely tissue supported with the denture sitting on the gum tissues. Optimal esthetics is achieved but ability to eat is severely limited. The upper denture completely covers the roof of the mouth to achieve “suction”. Dentures can feel bulky, may affect speech, and cover taste buds. They can also become impossible for patients with a gag reflex.


Traditional denture on top and use of two dental implants for lower denture. This option is the bare minimum dental implant option. Most denture wearers cannot wear the lower denture because it constantly falls out when the tongue pushes it out. This option utilizes 2 implants on the lower to solve these issues. For those patients who do not have a problem with the classic upper denture, this may be their solution to the lower.


This option utilizes 4 implants on the upper and 2 implants on the lower. The addition of the 4 implants to the upper allows the denture wearer to significantly reduce the bulky classic denture. Patients are able to restore speech and taste buds that were previously covered. Also, ability to eat and chew is increased significantly. This is the option for the patient that wants to change their lives with the most affordable implant option for the upper and lower.


This option utilizes 4 implants on the upper and 4 implants on the lower. This option has the advantages of the Standard option with an increase in support and function to the lower implant denture by adding the increased retention of a total of 4 implants on the lower. This is the option for the individual who wants an affordable option with the most security, retention, and function.


This is the ultimate option. This option is not removable by the individual. Only the dentist can remove it. A minimum of 4 implants up to 8 implants are needed to achieve this fixed set of teeth per arch. Depending on the patients bone will determine what fixed options they will have available. This can range from a fixed denture on 4 implants to a fixed porcelain set of teeth on 6-8 implants. This option is for the individual who wants the feel of permanent teeth.

Missing Teeth

Dental implants to replace a single space or a a few spaces are predictable, esthetic, and functional. Dental implants do not affect adjacent teeth like dental bridges do. Implants do not decay or develop cavities. You are able to floss like they are natural teeth. With a dental bridge on teeth you have to learn how to clean underneath the connecting bridge. Dental implants long term are the reliable and predictable solution to missing spaces.



1 out of every 10 people over age of 50 has lost all their teeth

Provided is a menu of treatment, these options are here to provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of options of what you might possibly need or want.

In the end a plan will be customized for you, so go ahead and browse below.

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